VT PRO was approached by their good friend and collaborator GMUNK to continue playing with the mutual  love of robotics, show control, lasers, and lighting design systems. And typically, when you get VT PRO + GMUNK w/ a little splash of Galusha, you're going to get something "dreamy". And this piece was no exception.

Continuing from the inspiration of BOX DEMO,  completed in late 2013, both Munkowitz and Galusha have played a vital roles in imagining how robotics and screen content could be married together to create unique pieces of choreographed art.

This time, instead of projected canvases, the hero pieces, were covered in the highest res LED panels, and then shot with a traditional motion control camera that would enhance the overall illusion. Add to that concept, the ‘Dream Zone’ – essentially an infinite runway of screens and lighting instruments representing a panacea of what lies beyond. The set was crafted for a Television-abduction, and you have a concept film that satisfies all these curiosities.



Tecnicontrol® Credit List:

Director: GMUNK for TOOL of NA
Managing Partner Live Action: Oliver Fuselier
Executive Producer: Robert Helphand
Producer: Wade Brandenberger
Prod. Supervisor: Joshua Jaedicke
Asst. Prod. Super: Dana Paris
1st AD: Ryan Lippert
2nd AD: Steve Bagnara
Director of Photography: Chris Probst
1st AC: Gunnar Mortensen
2nd AC: John Roney
DIT: Jesse Tyler
Motion Control Operator: Mike Leben
Motion Control Tech: Adam Francis
Gaffer: Nizar Najm
BB Electric: Julian Najm
Electric: Jake Ferrero 
Electric: Anthoney Najem
Electric: Spencer Scranton
Key Grip: Eric Budlong
BB Grip: Kaiyoti Pesante
Grip: Johnny Segal
Grip: Demetrie Cooley
Grip: Chris Barnes
Grip Driver: Ed Melendez
Grip Driver: Sako Sogomonyan
Production Designer: Charles Infante
Art Director: David King
Set Decorator: Jennifer Lukehart
Lead Set Dresser: Michael King
Prop Master: Adam Jette
Set Dresser: Brian Minniti
VTR: Al Chao
Script Supervisor: Debbie Wright
Wardrobe Stylist: Olivia Hines
Wardrobe Asst: Kendal Carse
Hair Makeup: Kristin Fried
Hair Makeup Asst: Alma Diffie 
Craft Service: Brandie Garcia
Gang Boss: Sebastian Zabala
Animal Trainer: Stephanie Purdy
Animal Trainer: Adriana Garcia 

VT Pro Design
VT Pro ECD: Michael Fullman
VT Pro Producer: Bill Galusha
VT Pro Owner: Vartan Tchekmedyian
VT Pro Robo Tech: Harry Souder
VT Pro Robo Tech: Houssaine Waled
VT Pro Lighting Designer: Gabe Fraboni
VT Pro Touch Playback: Matt Watcher
VT Pro Animator: Art Perez
VT Pro Tech Director: Nico Yernazian
VT Pro Tech Support: Chad Burek

Method Design
Creative Director: Jon Noorlander
Creative Director: Johnny Likens 
Creative Director: Rupert Burton
CG Supervisor: Boaz Livny
Producer: Bennett Lieber
Producer: Billy McMillen 

The Mill
VFX Supervisor : Robert Sethi

Hero Actor: Lyn Quinn
Dog: Squirt

Cartel Editorial
Editor: Leo Scott
Head Of Post Production: Meagen Carroll
Music: SoundsRED