Tipping Point 2015

Autofuss worked to create a massive projection loop for Tipping Point's 10th annual charity dinner. Nearly 200' long and 20' tall, 14 projectors, and a seamless transition between our organic "light bokeh" treatment and some stunning VJ work by All of it Now. 

For more information on the organization visit: www.tippingpoint.org



Creative Direction: Sam Conkling
Executive Creative Direction:  Randall Stowell 
Executive Producer: Bill Galusha
Producer: Ali Plansky
Design Director: Peter Clark
Design and Animation: Ryan Chen, Jason English Kerr, Peter Clark
Technical Advisor: Phil Reyneri
Director of Photography: Aron Pruiett
1st Assistant Director: Dakota Wilder
Editor: Ian Colon
Color: Peter Clark
PAs: Dakota Smith, Patrick Walsh, Cody Towner, 
Score: Peter Clark

Special Thanks to:

All of it Now: Howard Wong and Danny Firpo 

Tekamaki: Christopher Burdett, Mark Hendrickson, Robert Loney, Alex Laux, Dan Burton, Chris Gerrety