Bill Galusha is an experiential creative, producer and consultant working in design and media.

Bill loves making.  He finds himself at home in an environment that pushes design and engineering; both for the project or object, as well as for the larger enhanced experience. More than anything, he has a unique understanding of how creativity and technology can be combined to create exceptional and memorable works of art.

Career Highlights:

2019 - Galusha and UNIT9 teamed up w/ FCB to win a Cannes Gold for Most Dangerous Streets.

2017 - Galusha and LVTHN team created Metamorphosis in San Francisco’s Dolby Gallery on Market St.

2016 - Galusha worked with and curated VICE x Creators "FUTURE FORWARD" event series for Toyota Prius. His work brought Nonotak, VT Pro, and Doris Sung together for the first time in three cities, New York, Chicago and LA.

2015 - Prismatic_NYC, a permanent kinetic sculpture hovering just above The Highline Park in New York City. 

2014 - Bill produced "BOX" with his team at Bot & Dolly.  BOX combined robotics, motion capture, and dynamic projection mapping, into an innovative hybrid of art and technology. It won the 2014 Siggraph "Best in Show" .

Bill's passion of working with unique teams who push the limits of technology into the tangible world, enables him to be at the forefront of projects that blur the gap between the digital world and physical space.

To get in touch, write him at