Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence - “MOST DANGEROUS STREETS”

“Most Dangerous Streets” is a walk-through installation that visualizes Chicago’s gun violence. It uses real-life data, and includes emotional audio clips from real people impacted by the terrifying reality.

Using Galusha’s precise communication skills, he was able to help arrange laser-projections, building-projections, custom-created computer-vision camera triggers, a microsite, as well as custom audio overlays and help FCB Chicago create this one of it’s kind installation.

"Creatively, we were determined to humanize these headlines by creating a visual experience that represented real-time victims. It’s extremely powerful, and we hope it drives individuals to step up and demand change." said Liz Taylor, chief creative officer at FCB Chicago.

The installation aims to gain support for the SAFE Act, which helps identify areas that experience high levels of crime based on data surrounding gunshot hospitalization and mortality per capita to create safe zones for improved neighborhood safety.

Agency: FCB - Chicago
Production House: Unit9 - AdAge’s 2019 Production Company of the Year
Director: Mark Vatsel
Photos/gifs: Agency